Tuesday, 6 February 2018


"As community blogging becomes more familiar in towns and neighbourhoods across the UK, a standard of blog news creditably could be awarded by local newspapers," says publisher Duncan Williams of Pulman's Weekly News.

"Blogs are great because we all have the chance to have our say. But with so many varieties of views and voices being able to publish on sorts of subjects and reports, regional newspaper editors might be wise to offer local digital certificates, or accredited rosettes, something like the blue ticks on twitter accounts, so as to authenticate credible and reliable sources of news."


Says Duncan: "Our local newspaper brands have established ethical reputations that have, in some cases, spanned over a hundred years or more. With the boom within the digital sphere we know that there is no shortage of content, but clearly professional local news outlets need the right sort of content and would probably be willing to pay grassroots bloggers for it.

"In an age of fake news it's always good to have a news source you can trust.

"Bloggers, Vloggers, Live-streamers and the traditional press must now work together. We seek the quality amongst the quantity."


Duncan Williams @PulmansView