Saturday, 17 March 2018

George Philip Rigney Pulman

Pulman's Weekly News Group.- Duncan Williams

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The Pulman's Weekly News and Advertiser series were founded in England in 1857 by Axminster born George Pulman. (His name is often mistakenly confused with the American railroad pioneer.)

The Pulman's series are important records of a prolific Victorian era press group that went on to span multiple decades and bridge three consecutive centuries.

Over the years the Pulman's titles expanded across East Devon, West Dorset and South Somerset and were published by a succession of newspaper owners.

In 2012 the papers morphed into the Pulman's View From series, covering predominantly the same areas as before and, in keeping with the times, developed an online presence.

In 2018, following a decade of repeat financial problems, administrations and closures, the titles were bought out through a crowdfunding initiative.


"We are very pleased to announce the launch of the new 'Pulman's Award', a prize and trophy* given to West Country individuals, or groups, who encourage the spirit of good communication, educational endeavour or community service that our founder, George P. R. Pulman embodied."

Duncan Williams, on behalf of
Pulman's Weekly News Group

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Pulman's Weekly News Group - Duncan Williams

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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Your local media matters

Duncan Williams

Local media remains at the heart of life in towns and villages across the West Country. Pulman's news will remain a key syndication point.

While print formats may well be decreasing, the appetite for news itself, particularly community news, is in huge demand.

Despite the scandals unearthed by the Leveson enquiry, I still believe in the power, for good, of our British press and media.

And remember, the British regional press has been largely untouched by any scandal and remains a core and very reliable source of ethical news. Pulman's News is a brand of enormous repute dating all the way back to its launch in 1857.

Here are just some of the reasons I remain committed to protecting independent press freedom and why I see value in my investment in Pulman's Weekly News Group.

Local media can do these things and more:

It can speak to communities where living standards are high, or where rural, social or economic barriers prevent people accessing vital information and education.

It can also reach people struck by isolation, loneliness and poverty.

It can help build and highlight local businesses.

It can promote the value of men and women, and investigate wrongs or serious abuses.

It can introduce people to new ideas and help strengthen bonds within local communities.

Media can move mountains.

We help communities use it to change lives - and unite our readers through engagement and promotion of your stories.

Stories about your local towns, people and neighbourhood news.

As a West Country man born and bred, it is a privilege to be working with Pulman's Weekly News and steering the brand towards an exciting new era of multi-channel community news reporting.

Duncan Williams, Regional Media Director, Pulman's Weekly News Group.

Duncan Williams buys Pulman's Weekly News