Saturday, 19 February 2022

Free Media Studies Courses

PULMAN’S WEEKLY NEWS & ADVERTISER SERIES is an award winning media group founded in 1857 by West Country publisher George Philip Rigney Pulman.
In keeping with our founder's original aim to best serve the people, businesses and communities of Devon, Dorset & Somerset, we are please to be able to offer our readers and employees a wide range of free online learning opportunities.
In recent years, digital publishing and news outreach has proved highly successful for all our titles.
Pulman's has always been amongst the first to move with publishing innovations.
We feel confident that an online platform, such as this, which provides access to career enhancing education and skills training - both for our own staff and our readers - is a progressive step forward for a newspaper industry that long ago abandoned its confines to paper only outreach.
After all, news has always sought to enlighten and communicate facts. So too does good education and learning.

Friday, 21 January 2022

Pulman's Award sponsors online learning

We have always been so much more than just a community media brand... During the age of the internet, particularly during covid lock-downs, we have been delighted to introduce more people to online learning.